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The FoodTrack application offers you access to your nearest mobile food truck for events, parties and family meetings if you are a consumer.
Force Touches company that have the power of programming and design welcome all applications and welcome to publish the application

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Application Features

Special Offers

Food truck app allows you to suggest a special offers to your customers... These offers are placed in the App as a special offer announcement.

Truck Position

Specify and automatic update for the truck position.. and the consumer can specify your position and drive to you using Mapping Apps

Food Menus

Food Truck App allows you to enter the your menus and the different dishes you offer, with the possibility of adding pictures and prices of each meal.

Free 100%

One of the most important features offered by VodTrax is that it is free for all users... which makes it available to all citizens.

Application Services

Party Serving

The application offers the possibility of serving parties at home. This service can be determined according to the owner of the truck.

Position Update

The application offers a very precise vehicle positioning service ... The vehicle's location is updated accurately in every minute.

Truck Info

The application provides full and complete information about the food truck registered in it ... and updated frequently.

Working Hours

The availability status of the vehicle is automatically updated according to the specified hours... in which the vehicle is active

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